Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving in Baghdad, 2003.

Thanksgiving in Baghdad, 2003. I remember it well. I am thankful to be home in the good ole USA for Thanksgiving 2009. However, in Baghdad, my situation was pretty plush. There I was in Saddam's old billion dollar palace with tables nicely decorated and food aplenty. It was definitely not a soldier's meal, "roughing" out in the field somewhere. It really was wonderful.

I was somewhat displeased everyone in our unit could not join in. Some of them had been ordered to go the Baghdad International Airport, BIAP, to have their meal. I remember feeling sorry for those soldiers who had to go to the airport. I thought it was unfair. They couldn't share the meal with their friends in the unit.

What a pleasant surprise when they returned - many of them with photos of them being hugged by the president. Indeed, George W. Bush had "snuck in" and had made an appearance at the airport. I remember one fellow who didn’t think we should continue in Iraq had said, “some things are above politics.” He thought it was great for the soldiers and of course so did I.

So reflecting. Some may have a better Thanksgiving this year, 2009, than I and I will not be unhappy. I will be so overjoyed at those having a wonderful time with their families and friends. But no matter how good, it will be hard to beat Thanksgiving with the President.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veteran's Day Tribute

I wished I had posted this website on Veteran's Day. God bless this fallen hero.



Tom’s sister Sarah once sent him a survey asking, “If you could go through your life again from the beginning, what would you change?" His response: "I could write a book on this ...one, but I'll keep it short by saying I'd study more and screw around less, I'd drive safer, and I would say hi to the million or so people that I passed by every day without talking to."

To quote Tom’s last online journal entry, dated July 10th, 2006: “Until we meet again, ‘Be well, do good things, and keep in touch.’ -Garrison Keillor”

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Kids love to dress up for Halloween. My kids can hardly wait to see the other costumes and get some treats.