Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Well I have had a few birthdays. I can remember back to my 5th one. There I was in Seattle in the U District with some of my neighbor friends in the yard of my baby sitter. I won't go through all of them but it worked out that most of my friends celebrated birthdays during the school year but mine was a family affair in Edmonds with my mom, her mom and dad and my uncle, aunt, and cousin. I don't complain about the date, I have a grandson who is a Christmas baby. He will always get less because Christmas is the "big deal" and so the birthday is the afterthought. As I got older birthday celebrations weren't such a big deal..my wife even forgot but did a nice make-up celebration the next day. It is interesting the Orientals count birth as the year one since they count the womb without a view time. I would have liked to have the year when I was 15 so I could drive earlier, but I am trying to subtract years now. There are people that don't celebrate birthdays. That is their thing but me, I always like a party. I take my kids to a restaurant and they say, "dad, don't embarass me, don't tell anyone it is my birthday. Me, well just the opposite. I look around and expect the whole restaurant to sing. I mean, I call out anyone who is eating and not singing. I even make the cook take a break to sing. Anyway, I have already enjoyed my early birthday wishes on Facebook and I think this year I will get the most birthday wishes that I ever had. Cards are nice and appreciated, but seriously to any who reads this, I really appreciate the birthday greetings and I hope we share many many more birthdays together.