Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas, 2011

This is a third in a series of Christmas blogs, 2003, 2009.

So now here is Christmas 2011!!

First, I have some proof that some things can't be improved..I continue to recognize that the Miracle on 34th Street that I grew up with is superior to any remake. The remakes only can compete for second place. However, I still look back over all the years and wish that I had all the technological goodies that we have now. The cell phone with GPS causes me to miss the fun of pulling off the interstate where I am making great time to find the pay phone that either doesn't work or has the page that I need to find the store I am looking for ripped out while I am standing there freezing in the Christmas cold. I remember a call to my son from the pay phone in the snow in Colorado.. It was cold. When writing a paper for college, I would end up with a bunch of pieces of paper that had to be organized into a collage for the final attempt to type it. I pitied the poor typist who was given my work with all the arrows and scribbles.

So what is my point. I notice that the values of belief and love and hope can be expressed sometimes in a timeless manner. The message of Miracle on 34th Street transcends all the new situations and technology. Tim Tebow demonstated that when we believe in someone, we can make them better on the football field. How much better then to make some better in their life. I was thinking that Tebow time starts when a receiver drops a sure pass for a touchdown and Tebow assures that receiver that they will catch the game winning touchdown. So at this time of year, when can remember those strong service members who have been wounded, injured, or broken in spirit from conflict. Wc can be strong for them and encourage them to try to get well and "get better" each day.

God bless us all!!