Monday, October 19, 2009

How to Coach Football

I read this entry by Gregg Williams on Steve McNair

"We turned the reins over to Steve in that last game, we let him start that last game. It was fourth and two and a half yards just across midfield early in the fourth quarter of that ballgame. And I'm on defense coaching the defense and I go over there and it's a timeout and I'm leaning over the shoulder of Jeff Fisher listening to what play we're going to run, so I know [if] we have a chance. And Steve starts arguing about running a quarterback sneak. They have Tony Siragusa and Sam Adams, these great big fat... guys and we know they're going to put about 1,000 pounds... right over Steve to make sure he can't sneak. And Steve is adamant. It is fourth and two and half, there's no way we should run a quarterback sneak. Jeff looks at me and I look at Jeff and I look at Steve and I say, 'Go with what he wants to do over what we want to do.'"And he says, 'Go with it.' And there's no way we should get a first down. And Steve McNair plows his way for three and a half yards and he comes up from under the pile and he had about a 12-inch section of sod that he had dug in with his helmet when he finally went down that was hanging from his helmet. And I looked at Jeff and I said, 'We got us a quarterback.' I remember that play. I still get goose bumps when I think of that play."

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