Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cherish Life

In December 2002, Our doctor looked at us and told us that our unborn son who was only 4 months old would die within a day. He looked at a Bible on the nightstand, and said that that was the only thing we could do. I and my wife were heart broken. I didn't want to believe it so I sought to talk with the doctor privately and he confirmed the horrible news. There wasn't anything to do but wait and pray. I remember asking my wife to pray with me. I asked her if she believed that our child could live, but she was heartbroken and in dispair. I said it was important that we both believe. So, she said she would try and we both prayed. The next day, the doctor was amazed because our child was still alive. He said it could only be a miracle and he gestured toward the Bible that he had referred to the previous day.
I can't imagine the grief I would have had if my son had died. He is healthy but there is a challenge. Joseph has autism. But it is such a joy to hear him laugh, to have him jump on me, to wrestle with him, to see him run joyfully around the yard, in the park, to wade in the creek, to swim in the pool. Sarah Palin has brought to national attention to some of the hard choices some people make. Some have chosen not to let their children live when they discovered some prenatal flaw. Others cherish life. I recently discovered a web site celebrating Down syndrome children--The Downs Syndrome Celebration

I like my paraphrase in the movie, Radio.

"We think we are teaching him, but everyday he is teaching us. "

I just love my child and my daughter is learning from him also.

The incredible faith I had when I prayed has faded, but the love and thankfulness will remain strong.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I read this blog, that you referenced in your email to me. It is beautiful and certainly PRAISEWORTHY! Thank you for sharing it with the world and good luck on your book! It is a worthy dream!

The Christian Jihaadist said...

Hi Kirk,
Saw this when you offered to pray for Retia Dukes and family. Unfortunately as you know she passed away today at 4:40 PM.

Bad things happen to good people. This is why faith, a strong faith is something so important to maintain.

You said the strong faith you had when praying for your son to live had now waned. I wonder why? Everyday your son is a blessing to you and a constant reminder of how important a strong faith is to maintain.

Yours is an incredible story of faith at work. It is that same faith living in and through your son today. Whatever it takes my friend, renew your faith and trust in the miracle working power of God.

Doubtful you were the only one praying, many others I am sure were as well. If any one of them had been of weak faith your miracle may not have occurred. So please, when you pray for others now, pray from a point of strong faith that someone else's miracle won't be turned away.

"Be of good cheer for I have overcome the world"

God bless you my brother and friend.

Rick Stoneking