Sunday, September 14, 2008

Personality Models for the Army

Every business major knows about behavioral models for organizations, such as theory x, theory y, theory z.
I created 2 theories.

Theory Sense of Humor-This theory states that there are only two basic personality types when you get down to it. Those with a sense of humor and those that don't. I have a sense of humor and I bond with those who do, and have trouble with those that dont'.

Complex Theory of Competence and Leadership Style.--This theory says there are two ways to assess an individuals managerial skill- competent or incompetent. Then there are two types of personality, Nice guy(someone with a sense of humor) and Jerk (someone without a sense of humor and there are also other ways to describe a jerk)

This creates the matrix

Competence (1)No (2)No (3)Yes (4)Yes
Personality No Yes No Yes

4. The ultimate, competence and a pleasure to work with
3 Survivable, since you need competence, essential when people are shooting at you.
2 Deadly, but at least a pleasant way to sink in the quick sand.
1. The worst outcome, try to transfer to another unit.

There it is, my contribution to management theory validated in Baghdad 2003-2004.

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