Wednesday, November 19, 2008


When a person dies, all they knew dies with them. Some of it might be captured in their writings, some of their words might be remembered, some of their deeds might be remembered. Socrates is remembered by Plato's writings. Socrates was said the be the wisest man in Athens.

The Delphic oracle pronounced Socrates to be the wisest man in Athens., Socrates didn't believe it at first but as he made his way around Athens, every Athenian he encountered claimed to know things they did not know. Socrates then knew he was the wisest and said, “ 'Tis because I alone of all the Greeks know that I know nothing.”

Another way to say it is to know what you don't know.

I have made half a century exploration and this is my present way of operating. I listen to all because I know I don't know. I listen to those that know so I can be enlightened.

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Kirk Fechter said...

I'm Gary DeVaney and I personally know "Captain Kirk". Upon honest reflection, Kirk Fechter is one of the most brilliant men I've known.

I'd like to share two objective perspectives on intelligence and knowledge:

1. "Intelligence IS Categorical."

Even Socrates didn't know about motorcycle mechanics.

Each of us may display intelligence in one category and prove to be total morons in others.

2. Dogma: "Knowledge is the power"?


"Applied knowledge IS the power."

Few are as well-rounded as Captain Kirk in these intellectual / knowledge categories. We have discussed them often. I hope he contributes to humanity by writing a book.

Regards, Gary DeVaney