Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Driving in the cold, snow, dark and silence Kafka images at the time for 18 years streamed as the river in the Country Doctor which now streams back 45 years but the future is as cold, snow, dark and silence unless God or metempsychosis intervenes but I awake uncomfortable and confused by the streaming river or am I asleep or am I in eternity?

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The World According to Sandee Mines said...

The blurry, vaguely familiar, perhaps misunderstood Truth from a dream that is both distant and forward, with Time in a circular motion--images partially recognized as the soul navigates the stream of consciousness that is both elusive and inherent. Destiny is shadowed by foreboding, longing, yet calls to the purity of the heart and propels you toward the Light. This is where your poem sends me, in particular.