Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Karaoke and singing with a band Career

I don't remember when I first did Karaoke. I started singing in front of crowds in Elementary School as part of our informal choir. And later, I used to lead songs at church and other venues ultimately leading to a few performances. I played in a band: John 3:16. I was the lead guitarist, did some back-up and lead vocals and played bass on some of our songs.

In the early 70s in Victoria, British Columbia, I ran about 3o miles from Sooke and volunteered to sing songs with my guitar at a coffee house. ( I used to have a lot of energy).

I lead some songs on my guitar for the troops at Ft Dix, New Jersey for some outdoor field church services and I sang a song for a group at a prayer breakfast at Fort Dix,New Jersey.

In 1984, in Bainbridge, Ga after winning a 20 K run there, I sang Luckenbach Texas with the band(I miss Waylon)

It was a Fort Rucker that I remember singing Karaoke at the Officer's club there in the 80s. The crowd always loved, "Born to Be Wild." My most memorable singing with the band was at a Christmas formal. I was persuaded to sing, "Take this job and shove it" Some friends applauded my bravery to sing such as song but the leadership thought I did a great job with singing.

In 1994, I got up with a band in Hawthorn, Nevada at a Casino and sang a few.

During a trip to Germany in 2006, I found myself in an Irish pub, and the guitar player and singer let me get up on stage.

In the early Millenium, I did a lot of singing at Nick's in Alexandria. Great place to do country dancing, then take a break and sing.

I had some good times in Baghdad 2003-2004. At the Hotel Rashid, I sang with the band, and played guitar and bass with the band. I sang a cappella at a pool party. I did some Karaoke at the Palace in the Green Zone-Born to be Wild. It is on video tape and I wonder if I will get a monetary offer to destroy the tape!!

During a trip to Korea in 2010, I discovered that Korean Karaoke is a little different. A group rents a room and then they pick their own songs. It is different.

This year, 2011 I sang Karaoke in Phoenix and Tucson Arizona, and also Albequerque, New Mexico.

Recently I was in what is known as the best Karaoke place in Vegas, Ellis Island. The good thing is that there is a crowd, the bad thing is that it takes about an hour plus to sing after singing a song. But, I was so good that someone bought me a drink. (Great pay) I have been going there since the early 90s. I was in a contest once where I did, "Keep your hands to yourself" playing also my harmonika. I lost to the one who sounded like Frank Sinatra.

Very recently I was in Brussels, Belgium. There were only about 10 people, but I was impressed with the talent. I heard song in French but also in English with virtually no accent with beautiful tones.

I must note that I had the privilege to sing a duet a capella with my friend Vanessa at my graduation from a training program. We sang the National Anthem.

As long as I have breath, I will make a joyful noise.

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