Thursday, January 22, 2009

One day of Smelling the Roses

Today at work as I was collaborating with my friend, we took a moment to read a few jokes. It was great to get a laugh, so at least for a day I was following my resolution. I did remember a few weeks ago. My son when he wakes up, he goes down the stairs and he looks for me. When he sees me, he starts laughing and smiling and he runs over to me. We usually share a few moments of play. I tickle him and wrestle with him. He likes to climb under blankets and laugh and giggle. I remember just looking at him and really enjoying the moment of sharing that time. During the week when I am wrapped up with work and projects, it really is nice to look back and think about the moment we shared.
It is funny how little things are remembered. I remember at my High School we had a Japanese exchange student. I remembered her name since it sounded like, "you gotta meet he(r)" One day she had brought in some sea weed cookies and being the exotic eater (in Elementary School we occasionally had chocolate covered ants and candied cattepillars passed around) I tried it. In my year book, she commented that just as we had shared the cookie, we had shared a year in High School. So it has reinforced to me that little things can make a lasting impression.

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