Friday, March 27, 2009

The Blue Moon Tavern

Growing up, I used to pass the Blue Moon Tavern in Seattle, Washington quite often especially since my babysitter was half a block down the street and one of my ways home caused me to go right past it.

It appears there were thoughts to remove it.

Being the child that I was, I never had gone inside until I made a trip to Seattle from Las Vegas to do military duty at Fort Lewis in the 90s. I decided, I want to check it out especially since one of my favorite songs featured an imaginary conversation with a fellow in this very tavern.

I checked it out and it did have character, lots of graffiti, interesting people with whom I had interesting conversations

Here are the lyrics to the whole song


In fact this song was the basis of for a lesson on the Risk Managment process which I presented to my Army safety class. (I sang the relevant lyrics along with my annotations!!)

1. Identify Hazards, (Shanghied in Vegas by a painted woman, hog-tied by a red-head in Ohio, derailed by a dancer down in Dallas, etc)

2. Assess the risk of the hazards - "women gonna be the death a me"

3. Then make the risk managment decision - "but what a way to go"

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