Friday, March 27, 2009

The Value of Trained Health Care Professionals

This is one of the most incredible stories I have ever heard. A friend of mine attended a seminar to improve his ability to intervene in the event of personnel discussing suicide.

Little did he know that one of the attendees had a plan to commit suicide at that very seminar. This fellow's thinking was that he would demonstrate how trained personnel can miss one who contemplates suicide.

Thankfully, there was one highly trained psychiatrist in the group. As he had listened to this individual over the course of a few days, he recognized that his affect (emotions) was not matching the narratives that he was making. So the psychiatrist sought out the seminar leader and a few others and said that he wanted to make an intervention. The others were flabbergasted but agreed.

So they intervened and the individual confessed what his plans were. There was some sharing and some hugs and then this individual was hospitalized so that he could get intensive professional help.

The story says a lot.
**One, there are some incredibly skilled psychiatrists. But, not everyone is as skillful since no one else recognized it.
**The main learning point is if you identify a potential suicide, get them to professional help.

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