Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tribute to Erban

In December 2007, Erban Flinchum died. He was a English school teacher. I met him and had interesting discussions and then corresponded through email.

Erban was interested in physics. My father had a PHD from Stanford so he was very knowledgible. My father tutored me so I have a least an appreciation for physics. My father had been intrigued by and listened to Michio Kaku (my dad playfully called him cucoo) and I sent a link to an interview

Erban was very appreciative of the link to the Thunderbolts of the Gods

This is what Erban said about it, "There was a link to a plasma electromatic universe. The site is fabulous. I’ve just spend almost five hours exploring and listening to some videos. The most exciting video “Thunderbolt of the Gods” is hypnotizing. I’m happy to find thinkers who think like me! Thanks for the find. This is a must see video about our universe, an alternative theory to almost all the physical laws. As well it blends in ancient mythology with the science. It is free, although one can also purchase the DVD. I recommend just watch it and bookmark it."

Erban also liked this link

These are some more of my thoughts on Erban---
I was honored to know him, meet him and get to know him better. I noticed that his emails had stopped. Like so many, he can not be replaced. My father said it is like there is a star that turns off in the sky. We who remain must shine brighter but if the moon were to disappear (I once saw a Nightline program wherein a professor was advocating we blow up the moon-wacko), a star could not replace it. But perhaps collectively we can all shine a little brighter.

Recently, I encountered a woman who had skidded and crashed her car. I called 911, and checked on her. She was frightened and disoriented. I tried to encourage her and I held her hand to comfort her. I hope that I honor Erban with my actions because he was a compassionate and decent human being who cared deeply about others well being. I am grieving and if anyone else has some thoughts about Erban, they would be comforting

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kanajlo said...

You honor Erban with your tribute. We spoke a few times online, and I'm very sorry to have to delete his email address. Requiescat in pace.