Monday, March 16, 2009

Creating Value

My recommendation for fixing the economy--create value.

This blog was formed to create value in at least a small way. It can't compete with a company like Boeing (I knew it well in my childhood in Seattle) which gathers a lot of people and raw materials and makes airplanes with millions of dollars of value.

But each entry has a potential to at least entertain, to refresh, and renew someone so that they can go back to a job or task that creates value.

Each entry can cause someone to reasses how they do business with the potential that costs can be cut thereby creating more value.

Or changing value systems so that some things that don't seem so valuable, are valued. (I find value in spending time with my children- hopefully creating memories that they will value)
(A fictional look at the value of memories was Total Recall

I am making notes so I can make a recommendation for you on whether to buy or sell stock!!

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